Our Team

Our partners see a world where expertly guided innovation can create wonders. Together we can build a future we can all be proud of.

ATOM has spent the last eleven years becoming one of the premier software and security companies on the East Coast. We've done this by building software. Not just any software. Truly impactful software that has aided companies in revolutionizing industries, delivered patient diagnostics and touched lives on a national scale. Our partners, Matt Chepeleff, Jason J. Sgro, and Thomas Herer, have over 55 years of collective experience. Together they believe in building a future we can trust. Whether it's helping regulated industries navigate complex commercial and regulatory environments or building products with hyper-growth companies, we believe experience makes all the difference.

Our Client Success Team is at the heart of every wonder we build and protect.

At ATOM, Client Success isn't some nebulous ideology we use during the sales process. It's a philosophy, based on mutual partnership, collective curiosity, and common ideals that are so uniquely core to what we do, we had to stop calling our team leaders "project managers". At ATOM, Client Success Managers (CSMs) work in pairs with one of our partners. That’s right, there is a CSM and a partner on every project. CSMs are the heart-blood of the project, having guided hundreds of projects and literally thousands of deliverables to successful completion, we invest everything into supporting our CSMs so they can invest everything in supporting you. If you want to know how different a CSM is from having a traditional PM, just ask one of our clients, or contact a CSM directly.