Why Work
at ATOM?

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Our Benefits

  • Flexible Work-from-Home
  • Unlimited Vacation
  • Gym Membership Subsidy
  • Dog Friendly Office
  • Company Paid Life Insurance
  • 401k Plan with 4% Match
  • Health, Dental & Disability

Who are we?

We believe that our core values say it best...

We have an innate curiosity about life and pretty much everything else.

Every great idea starts with a curiosity about why or how something works. Curiosity is essential for creating solutions. What are you curious about?

Our commitment to being mindful guides our interactions with clients, partners and employees.

In a nutshell, we wear our vulnerability like a badge of honor. At ATOM, we believe that the courage to be present and authentic with everyone we meet, builds stronger teams, stronger client relationships and makes ATOM a nice place to work.

Along with vulnerability, we value empathy or better yet, emotional intelligence.

Combining empathy with our problem-solving expertise helps us to better serve our clients and the problems they need to solve. From empathy we are then able to hone in on the solution to the questions our clients are trying to answer. Emotional intelligence is the key to everything we do.

ATOM is a strategic tech collaborative, a rare blend of business acumen and purposeful technical application.

Sharing ideas, learning from our peers, and working together towards a common goal, unifies us as a company and strengthens our ability to serve our clients.

Current Openings

Thank you for your interest in ATOM!

ATOM User Experience Lead

The primary objective of the User Experience Lead is to ensure the experience we envision aligns with our clients’ goals both individually and organizationally. This role should strive to be the team member who is fascinated by various business models and the processes that make them work. This individual brings a confident focus to the envisioning, sculpting and documenting of user experience solutions, and managing their evolution from design/conception through software development, QA, and end-user training.

  • Work closely with the software development team and other team members to understand our clients’ myriad business models and the types of issues our clients are facing.
  • Identify client needs through user research, onsite visits and interviews.This includes experience independently designing, conducting, and reporting on user studies to inform key project decisions.
  • Confidently provide unique and innovative designs, experiences, and solutions to clients in various fields as a team of one.  
  • Lead Discovery sessions and onsite workshops to identify business problems and business objectives, and translate those into functional requirements balanced with technical feasibility.
  • Participate in project planning and design discussions.
  • Provide strong analytical, problem solving and business process knowledge to our client’s issues, and drive new solutions and operational improvements from the analysis.
  • Leverate UI frameworks and tools like InVision, Sketch, etc. to create mock-ups/prototypes to communicate solutions to both clients and your teammates to ensure everyone is on the same page.
  • Create documentation that includes functional and user requirements to be used for development, testing, user guides, and training.
  • Work closely with the Head of Client Success and Client Success Managers to make sure solutions meet customer expectations and are supported by either novel design concepts or current design theory.
  • Be an advocate for the client to make sure software applications are user-friendly, attractive,and functional.
  • Independently build and manage relationships with key client stakeholders.

Experience includes:
  • 3+ years experience as a Business Analyst/UX/UI in a technology-related industry.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Computer Science, Design or a related field.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills with the ability to present complex problems in a simple, cohesive way.
  • Ability to collect information, analyze needs, and provide a detailed solution to software issues.
  • User experience design or training required. Creative design experience and competency with tools like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator is a plus.
  • Experience working with software developers and product owners in a collaborative team setting.
  • Strong problem-solving skills and sound business judgment. Experience working in multiple industry domains a plus.
  • Passionate about improving our clients’ experiences.
  • Experience in roles combining business analysis/intelligence, research, and strategy.
  • Data-curious, interested in telling the story behind the data is a plus. Familiarity with tools such as Google Analytics and HotJar.
  • Strong personal commitment to quality.
  • Team player with an optimistic outlook.
  • Self-motivated and can work independently or collaboratively with a cross-functional team.
  • Comfortable with ambiguity.
  • Passionate about learning and open to new ideas.
How to Apply:

Interested?  Please forward resume and portfolio to jobs@theatomgroup.com