Why Work
at ATOM?

Years Serving Clients

Our Benefits

  • Flexible Work-from-Home
  • Unlimited Vacation
  • Gym Membership
  • Dog Friendly Office
  • Company Paid Life Insurance
  • 401k Plan with 4% Match
  • Health, Dental & Disability

Who are we?

We believe that our core values say it best...

We have an innate curiosity about life and pretty much everything else.

Every great idea starts with a curiosity about why or how something works. Curiosity is essential for creating solutions. What are you curious about?

Our commitment to being mindful guides our interactions with clients, partners and employees.

In a nutshell, we wear our vulnerability like a badge of honor. At ATOM, we believe that the courage to be present and authentic with everyone we meet, builds stronger teams, stronger client relationships and makes ATOM a nice place to work.

Along with vulnerability, we value empathy or better yet, emotional intelligence.

Combining empathy with our problem-solving expertise helps us to better serve our clients and the problems they need to solve. From empathy we are then able to hone in on the solution to the questions our clients are trying to answer. Emotional intelligence is the key to everything we do.

ATOM is a strategic tech collaborative, a rare blend of business acumen and purposeful technical application.

Sharing ideas, learning from our peers, and working together towards a common goal, unifies us as a company and strengthens our ability to serve our clients.

Current Openings

Thank you for your interest in ATOM!

Client Success Manager

ATOM is changing the consulting industry by blending true business acumen and technology consulting together to unlock wonders for our clients.

What we’ll need you to (already know how to) do:

  • Be able to develop deep, meaningful connections with our clients, partners, and teammates as a project leader, partner, confidant, concierge, and contributor.  Our primary value is delivered through the strength of the relationship with people, not organizations. The weight of this is on you.
  • Be a master at communication. Whether you’re simply writing a Slack message, a client-facing email, inspiring a client towards a solution, or resolving conflict within your team, you must be part professional negotiator, part inspirational speaker, and someone that understands the nuanced power of language as a mechanism for storytelling.
  • Manage a wide variety of engagements from concept to completion in domains ranging from branding, marketing, and user experience to compliance, security, and software engineering—and everything in between to grow a client’s business and teams.
  • Hold yourself and your team to the highest levels of responsiveness and quality.
  • Partner with Head of Client Success to bring the right mixture of our talents together to foresee and mitigate risk, and proactively manage resource constraints.
  • Bring your blend of technical thinking, creative problem solving, and curiosity to the table every day as you develop and exercise deep customer empathy.

Experience includes:

  • Be the most motivated, organized, optimistic, and driven person you know.
  • 2 - 3 years project leadership experience in a client-facing, fast-paced, multi-project environment.
  • Business-minded, but technical at heart. If you can’t connect with and understand engineers, it’s probably not a fit.
  • Able to inspire clients and ATOM teams to come together in the right combination, and at the right time to focus their collective intellectual might on building something our clients are proud of.

How to Apply:

Interested?  Please contact us at jobs@theatomgroup.com

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For company updates, please visit our LinkedIn page.