Mobile Development

We believe mobile is software's bridge to the physical world. It's a transformative journey.

Native iOS

Ever notice everyone seems to have an app, but many of them lack the fit and finish of the applications you use every day? That's because while many people are "doing mobile", few have the experience and talent to do it well. Mobile development isn't a natural evolution from previous software development disciplines, it's a new universe altogether. ATOM's software practice specializes in native, objective-c and swift software development. We're experts in localization, culturally nuanced development and AppStore publishing practices. If you're looking to improve a current app, or enter the app space for the first time, we'd love to help.

Native Android

Unlike iOS, Android Native, NDK apps, including ones that use our favorite augmented reality libraries, need to support a myriad of screen sizes, manufacturers, and processing speeds. Unlike in the tidy world of Apple, the Android landscape can often look like the wild west. We understand and help you navigate this by using techniques that cut through the clutter and get to your goals while managing time and investment. If you're considering native development for android, let's talk. We also have the ability to use React Native to do both iOS and Android development in one codebase!


For some of our clients, native development isn't a commitment they want to make, but they do understand that mobile has advantages and reach that mobile-first web applications can't quite meet. For these clients, we use Vue Native and ionic frameworks in order to utilize our web application development within containerized mobile applications that install and function just like native apps. Of course, these apps have some restrictions, but they are an excellent way to maximize reach and budget.

Objective c

I want to build an app.

I want to build an app.