Rue La La: Campaign Personalization

Rue La La is the leading destination for those seeking the most desired brands in fashion, home, travel, and more, at less-than-retail prices. With its unique flash sale model, this boutique retailer needed to act quickly to ensure customers are being notified about new products and able to make easy purchases.
A/B Testing
Custom Development

The Story

Winning the battle of customer engagement in an ever-changing and highly competitive landscape requires creativity—mixed with a little bit of data. In its quest to become the best “engager” in the league, they partnered with ATOM in order to figure out what drives their customers. We used A/B testing to measure and optimize nearly all parts of the Rue La La website to meet each unique customer’s needs.
Implementing best-of-breed SaaS applications like Optimizely and Evergage to create and manage A/B tests, Rue La La was able to collect valuable data to inform their marketing materials for the short and long term. By testing different design and copy elements, the team could make smart decisions to increase customer interaction (and, ultimately, sales) through data-honed landing pages and emails.

A/B testing and personalization have proven highly effective in the online consumer retail market. Through better understanding a customer base, retailers can optimize their content and campaigns to speak directly to the end consumer, greatly improving ROI. Introducing personalized messaging has increased purchases and customer loyalty numbers for the organization by allowing them to speak directly to the customer and his/her unique desires. ATOM worked with the Rue La La team to hone these messages and reach their customers quickly, releasing about 5-6 tests per week.
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