Pierce Manufacturing: Product Development

Pierce Manufacturing came to us to solve a problem: they wanted to make their products safer, by making data more accessible. Working with the Pierce team, we developed technology that would untether essential data from the dashboard-mounted Command Zone system and allow it to be accessible from up to 5 mobile devices on scene.
Custom Development
Technology Consulting
UX Design
Mobile Development
Pierce wanted to gain competitive advantage in the elite market of highly customized fire trucks. We understood this need from a business perspective, but also took a step back to understand the needs of the target Pierce customer, because we know from our experience in various industries that the key to serving our client would be to appreciate the practical requirements and desires of their customers.

Using our CX and UX expertise, we were able to contribute to this project in ways far exceeding the initial engineering expectations. By breaking down the end-product users into two groups, we addressed the critical, everyday needs of fire truck technicians and fire chiefs that allowed us to then address some of the larger needs of Pierce and their customers: safety, maintenance costs, costs of manufacture rework, and testing.

In the end, what we developed was not just a basic truck data monitoring app, but one that would enhance the jobs of Pierce customers by allowing them more control over critical truck functions during life-or-death situations. By giving users the ability to monitor truck health remotely, and even control non-mission critical functionality like the HVAC and scene lights from their iPads, Pierce has given their customers more insight and control over their own product while improving the quality of their work and improving safety.
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