Carnival Cruise Lines: Wall of Moments

Coming off the heels of a successful Instagram campaign, Arnold and Carnival wanted to enable cruisers to take, share, and like their photos of their memorable vacation moments.
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The Story

Without reliable internet we couldn’t leverage an existing photo capture and share platform like Instagram. So we decided to build our own. We worked with several teams across Carnival and Arnold to architect, design and build a completely custom system, tailored for the onboard environment of their premier ship, the Carnival Breeze. 
Through an intuitive web interface, users can snap pictures and view them on the 40’ lido deck seaside theater screen. Onboard staff have an iPad-based application to perform all necessary administrative tasks including moderation, user permissioning, and Seaside theater display control. Also included in the moderation controls is an age verification function that ensures cruisers are old enough to participate. At the end of each trip, all the photos are packed up and wired to the mainland for curation and use in future marketing materials. Carnival will also be able to add more ships, helping to connect and share all cruiser memories via one, consolidated platform. 
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