Anything but Virtual.

A virtual CISO brings executive level security and privacy leadership directly onto your team for a fraction of cost.
Having the right leadership is only half the battle. You also need a team that can bring that vision to life.

We know how hard it is to find experienced, senior-level, talent in privacy, information security, and product development no matter how much salary you offer. But we also know that executive consultants can fall short of your goals because they don't have the ability to move their vision forward. At ATOM we back our vCISOs with a full suite of services including the full breadth of our security and compliance practice. Having a knowledgeable leader at the table is invaluable. Being able to implement that leadership makes all the difference.

We say vCISO but feels anything but virtual.

Imagine having a partner on your team that came to your meetings, briefed your executive team, or helped you prepare for board meetings. Imagine that person on-site, in your company every month, working with your teams, advising, instructing, and planning. Now imagine that they have a whole team of experts behind them that you can leverage to implement your vision for one monthly flat fee, sized for your needs. It says vCISO but feels anything but virtual. We combined the best of Security-as-a-Service, Virtual Chief Information Security Officer, and full-service security partner all in one.

The result. It's like you hired a CISO. Here are just some of the examples of the work our vCISOs do.

  • Company-Wide Program Development – We understand that policy and procedural development is a challenge. It often gets lowered in priority than it should be. We're here to help. Your vCISO will expertly guide comprehensive security program development to meet regulations, internal challenges, or scaling.
  • Product Development Guidance – We're experts in product development frameworks, automated build processes and best practices for secure product development and delivery. Your vCISO is a trusted advisor on how to best tackle these challenges.
  • Perimeter Security - Your vCISO will leverage the ATOM team to produce comprehensive guidance and perimeter testing. This will be guided following the Information Systems Security Assessment Framework (ISSA) with special considerations for the Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES) technical guidelines.
  • Technical Analysis of Security Applications - a vCISO will guide you towards building a program to audit the configuration and implementation of security-related tools like Cylance, Endpoint Protections, Managed SOC Services. The Team at ATOM will perform these audits.
  • Internal Vulnerability – ATOM will performing internal scanning and analysis of patching efficiency and tools used to maintain the patched environment.
  • Risk Analysis – ATOM will formalize and perform an expertly guided risk analysis to identify and issue a risk register based on severity, frequency, and velocity.
  • Emergency Remediations Readiness – ATOM will be on hand to perform an emergency readiness evaluation of the environment and make recommendations around what can be done to improve response effectivity in the event of an issue.
  • Legal Review (Security & Privacy) – ATOM will review your legal privacy and security documentation provided to users and align its claims with data handling internally.