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Software Development is not just about technical requirements, it's about organizational objectives.

The future is already here,
It’s just not evenly distributed.

Technology always needs to be bounded by business objectives. Too often, it’s used for its own sake or it’s used backwards — trying to identify problems for a solution. Most of us don’t work in R&D roles at Google, and we’re not innovators by simply using something new or cutting-edge (that makes us early adopters).

We don’t believe in recreating the wheel. As William Gibson said, the future is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed. We can often look up-market, across verticals, or around the globe to find existing solutions and start from there.

We believe, at our core, that technology should always be used purposefully. But, to be really good at this, we also know we have to know everything about that wheel, its many variations, the systems it’s connected to, and of course the road.

ATOM combines broad technology capabilities with deep business understanding to deliver the most value. We know software – from open source to Microsoft .Net. We know hardware, from controllers on fire trucks to Raspberry PIs. We know web apps, IT middleware, mobile, user experience and visual design. We can apply these with visitor personas, performance, conversion rates, security, SEO, system architecture, and impact on your business model in mind.

Seriously, that’s how we think. In between thinking about the ethical issues that’ll arise with more and more self driving cars and how native apps might start to fade in favor of progressive web apps in 2019, we’re happy to talk about how a particular technical approach could bolster or modify your business model. We’ll bring the business model canvas!

Mobile, Web, Frameworks or Native Apps, we've got you covered.

ATOM does traditional, non-web, software development. From native iOS or Android apps distributed via the app stores or custom apps distributed privately for iPads on kiosks or in your conference booth. We can approach native apps with pure, native code or via hybrid frameworks like Xamarin or Ionic.

We know devices and physical hardware too. In the past we’ve interfaced with a controller on a firetruck to read metrics and stats to feed to an iPad interface. We’ve also extended a CMS website to drive content to a 10ft digital pylon in front of a museum.

We were born on the web.

ATOM covers just about all areas of web development. From every phase between concept-to-launch we have in-house, on-shore capabilities to deliver wireframes, information architectures, UX and visual design, development, testing, QA, and ongoing support. We understand all layers of the stack including: Linux or Windows servers; Microsoft SQL and MySql databases on RDS, in Azure, or standalone are all fine by us; consuming and creating restful APIs; the application itself from the PHP or C# on the server to the javascript framework in the browser. These are the things we work with day-to-day.

Your systems can be on-premises, in AWS, or Azure. You might be on a platform like Shopify or Squarespace. We can help you with desktop web, mobile web, and responsive sites. Need a CMS? Let’s talk about the pros-and-cons of Wordpress, Drupal, Craft, SiteCore, MODX, Kentico, or a few others. Custom development is a specialty as well. We’ve delivered a lot of large custom projects, from PHP/Laravel to .Net MVC web applications. We're comfortable taking over an existing system or starting from scratch.

You might have marketing automation needs that we need to pair with your technology. We can bolt into our favorite tools: Hubspot, Marketo, and Kentico EMS (Pardot for B2B and for a subset of use cases, Intercom).

We can work with your "one IT guy" or your full IT team and CTO. We’re happy to talk about deployment and content publishing workflows, technical environments, high availability strategy, and disaster recovery. Security and compliance are always on the top of our minds (by default) - so if you’re accepting payments we can help you with PCI, or just discuss GDPR.

Enterprise Applications are our thing.

ATOM services the entire SMB spectrum, from funded startups to teams of thousands, by implementing and integrating Enterprise Applications. On purely the technology front, for medium sized businesses we can augment, support, train, or replace your IT organization. From IT system integrations with Salesforce and Great Plains to supporting legacy middle-tier applications. 

Along with our Business Consulting and Security + Compliance practices we can help you tune your organizational structure or support on-premise pen-testing and regulatory compliance. 

These engagements are usually unique, but we’re happy to find the right balance to support your organization’s needs.

Let's build something.

If the concept of working with technology purposefully is appealing to you, we'd love to talk!

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