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Information Security is not just a technical requirement, it's an organizational behavior.

Born from a singular belief in future where we build technology worthy of our trust.

We believe in a world where you can trust the technology you rely on.  Not just because you want to, but because we have to.  Our security and compliance practice was born from a need to support our software practice in building a future worthy of your trust.  It evolved to be a full-service security and compliance practice because nothing else was good enough. 

We understand the weight of that task of securing the future because we've been building it for over 10 years.   In that time, technology and organizations have evolved beyond the days where layered firewalls, yearly training, and hardened passwords keep you safe from modern threats. Today, new attacks are discovered daily. The pace of innovation has created a landscape as complex as the technological components within it. It’s more than building to best practices, it is about having a partner that can visualize design flaws, study behaviors and ultimately devise solutions that harmonize organizations and the technology that protects them.

ATOM Security Practice specializes in:

  • Virtual-CISO
  • Perimeter Security Analysis
  • Red Team / Blue TeamPenetration Testing (PTES/ISSAF)
  • Internal Vulnerability Assessments
  • Corporate Training 
  • IT Risk Assessments
  • Enterprise Application Testing
  • Disaster Recovery Simulations
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Mobile Security
  • Attack Playbooks
  • Emergency Response
  • Compliance Audits

We also provide GAP Analysis and Auditing Services for the following standards: HIPAA, ISO 27001, ISO 13485, GDPR and FedRAMP.

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Experience and human ingenuity will always be our best defense.

It is a complex hybrid of software tools and engineering expertise. In a world where so many vendors are simply running software driven scans of your infrastructure and producing reports, ATOM Security + Compliance Practice does more.

Our subject matter experts come from the fields of Networking, Infrastructure, Software Development and Information Security. They are guided by experience to produce actionable intelligence that shows the link between technological vulnerabilities and the types of architectural flaws that software tools cannot discover without the creativity of the human mind. When you receive a reconnaissance report from ATOM it is an expert analysis, a comprehensive study of the organization's security posture.

A future without trust costs more than you know.

If we cannot trust the technology we build, it costs us more than just our customers or our careers.  On a macro level, a breach of trust causes society to move away from technology that might otherwise advance use forward.  Breaches of trust cause regulators to put increased pressure on our businesses.  Growth slows as ideas languish in mountains of fear-driven overhead and regulatory approvals.  The solution is to build with trust in mind.  At ATOM our security and compliance practice works hand in hand with our software practice.  Because building something and then securing it a lot harder than building it securely in the first place.

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We Know What’s at Stake.

Are you ready to face the threat?

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