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You're about to break my trust

If you're using yesterday's mindset, tools, and leadership techniques, you might be at risk of breaking the trust those have placed in you. It's not because you mean to. But that matters little to the person whose trust is broken. And it doesn't stop the cascade of negative effects you'll...

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Conducting Your First Security Risk Analysis

In this instructional talk, Jason Sgro, discusses setting up and performing your first internal security risk analysis. We discussed defining your first threat landscape, setting up documentation and performing the risk analysis using specific examples. Specifically, we discussed: How to approach internal risk analysisJourney mapping is one of your most valuable...

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How To Prepare For Ransomware & Complex Malware Infections

During this webinar, Jason Sgro, our security practice manager, focuses on the four “I’s” of identification, isolation, inoculation, and immunization used by ATOM’s incident response team. We discussed common defense strategies and expert tips about how to control active infections, developing your inoculation process and the importance of converting your...

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