ATOM awarded Massachusetts 5 Year blanket contract

PRESS RELEASE: The ATOM Group, Portsmouth, NH October 2, 2019.

After a rigorous selection process, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has named ATOM to its pre-qualified Information Technology (IT) professional Project Services Technical Specialist vendor list Massachusetts state contract ITS74 through June 1, 2024.

This is a Statewide Contract for IT Project Services and replaces ITS53 for Solution Providers and Technical Specialists. This contract is for information technology (IT) professional services to perform fixed price, deliverables-based IT projects.

ATOM Partner and Chief Strategist Jason Sgro says:

"ATOM is honored to be selected by the State of Massachusetts to deliver on the promise of technology when and where it matters most. As a New Hampshire company, we recognize the value of serving our neighboring state's government with the same dedication and commitment to excellence we serve the New Hampshire government organizations."

Any eligible government organization within Massachusetts can now purchase a full range of services from ATOM. The list includes:

  • Cities, towns, districts, counties, and other political subdivisions
  • Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches, including all Departments and elected offices therein
  • Independent public authorities, commissions and quasi-public agencies
  • Local public libraries, public school districts, and charter schools
  • Public hospitals owned by the Commonwealth
  • Public institutions of higher education
  • Public purchasing cooperatives
  • Non-profit organizations that are doing business with the Commonwealth
  • Other states and territories with no prior approval by the State Purchasing Agent
  • Other entities when designated in writing by the State Purchasing Agent

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