Welcome [Back] to ATOM.

As our founder, Tom, (once) expressed on our interim website, we’ve changed recently. It’s an evolutionary passage as much as a transformative one. As he put it:

"We’ve changed recently. Much of it has to do with growing older. When we were born, a decade ago, we were fascinated with our toys. Our toys became our tools and our tools became our craft. Somewhere along the way, our craft led us into serious relationships. We began to think about partnerships and their possibilities. And then, as it often goes, we became deeply invested in their outcomes. Sometimes we fell hopelessly in love.

These days, we’re in long-term commitments with select clients that we’re as smitten with as ever. We listen to them and know them well. We advance their causes with technology. We protect their dreams, valuables and bottom line. We tell their stories as earnestly as we tell our own."

Practicing the art of possibility

We’ve spent a decade refining our approach to helping our clients, culminating in the thoughtful expansion of our core capabilities. In doing so, we’ve discovered insights into the business challenges surrounding technical problems. We're creating uniquely comprehensive solutions—unabbreviated and unconstrained by technical limitations or business disciplines. The result is possibility.

ATOM practices the art of applying technical knowledge to business. We stand firmly on an indomitable will to discover new ways to position our capabilities to create new possibilities. ATOM’s cause has been—and will always remain—the service of yours. 

Welcome to Atom.