The ATOM Group Expands To Challenge What It Means To Be An Agency


PORTSMOUTH, N.H., Oct. 30, 2017 /Seacoast Online/ -- The ATOM Group,, adds two managing partners to serve the team and reinvent how a mid-market agency defines technical consulting for the future. Jason Sgro joins ATOM with a focus on strategy and Matt Chepeleff joins with a focus on products. With them, Founder and CEO, Tom" class="redactor-autoparser-object">">T... Herer, has forged a partnership that brings 50+ years experience serving, building, investing and scaling New England companies.

Tom" class="redactor-autoparser-object">">T... Herer says: "I'm incredibly fortunate to share that our management team has more talent and experience today than at any point in our 10 year history. Every partner has founded at least one company and spent a substantial amount of their career writing software and building systems. That means that every single one of our clients can expect to work directly with someone that treats them like a business partner. Someone that knows damn well what's at stake, and what it takes to help shoulder their burden."

Today, ATOM's vision challenges traditional agency models by putting business and technology consulting under one roof. We believe that this unique combination will be so powerful that our clients can flourish and grow in ways that were previously impossible with the support of a single agency. Every one of our employees has embraced a client facing role. They understand that this approach is poised to shake up our industry, and is ready to treat each one of our clients' businesses as their own in order to make that happen.

The ATOM Group,, combines a rare blend of business acumen and purposeful technical application. ATOM focuses on serving clients through technical projects and reserved capacity engagements for mobile and web software development, enterprise applications, business intelligence, compliance and security along with business strategy, technical leadership consulting, and corporate training.