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Our vast experience and passion for client service feels more like an extension of your own team than a group of experts looking at your company.

ATOM practices the art of applying knowledge to business.

Our business consulting practice was designed to fit tongue-and-groove with our Software and Security offerings. The foundation of our consulting team is ATOM’s founders and managing partners, who have devoted their careers to delighting clients in an agency setting, and in doing so have been in a position to contribute hands-on to clients of every shape and size and within just about every industry. This vast experience coupled with a passion for client service makes for an offering that feels more like an extension of your own team than a group of experts looking at your company from the outside-in.

In addition to our in-house consultants, we’ve partnered with the very best technology executives and management theorists that we’ve met along the way. We call on them when the perspective required to solve the challenges at hand either needs to broaden, or be more specialized. This combined force will stop at nothing and dream of anything to help you succeed.

Technology project planning and design.

We can help when it comes to prioritizing features, creating a long-term roadmap, and avoiding pitfalls and unnecessary expense along the way. We can provide a guarantee that your technology project meets every one of its goals, including total functionality, release date(s), cost, and overall return on investment. We’ve seen it all — including the bad and the ugly — which means that we can lead you towards the same successes and away from the failures and hard lessons.

(re-)Designing your technology organization for optimal performance

As an agency that often delivers dozens of technology projects simultaneously, we’re constantly re-designing our teams for success based on the needs of our clients. We’ve learned a ton about what works and what doesn’t within teams, and about the ideal combinations between people, process, and tools.

Leadership development to your rising stars.

Every one of our business consultants has spent formative years of their career in software development and/or IT — we know exactly what makes those people tick, because we are those people. We’re also career-long students of business and both technology and manufacturing organizations, so we know what it means to thrive in environments that are defined by complexity and throughput.

Help with hiring for technology roles.

Over the years, we’ve hired hundreds of employees and given thousands of interviews, so we know how to attract and talk to top talent within the tech sector. We can help you with every aspect of the hiring process, all the way from designing the role and creating the public job description to providing hands-on candidate recruiting and screening.

Help with NOT hiring for technology roles.

Sometimes  positions need to remain unfilled due to a dearth of qualified candidates, or because — especially in the case of C and V-level positions — the “weight” of that role is a structural mismatch with your current org design. Our team of experienced managers and technologists can fulfill the responsibilities of these roles on a part-time basis, which promotes the growth of your current employees and provides tremendous cost-savings. We can provide leadership as a service at all senior levels of any technology organization, or we can pitch in when you need to create direct value within any project.

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