Our Leadership Team

Business Minds + Technology Hearts

We see a world where expertly guided innovation can create wonders. Together we can build a future we can all be proud of.

ATOM has spent the last eleven years becoming one of the premier software and security companies on the East Coast. We've done this by building software. Not just any software. Truly impactful software that has aided companies in revolutionizing industries, delivered patient diagnostics and touched lives on a national scale. We perform all of our security and compliance work in house, and we have the leadership experience to make sure your organization is ready for the technology we build. At ATOM we believe in building a future we can trust. Whether it's helping regulated industries navigate complex commercial and regulatory environments or building products with hyper-growth companies, we believe experience makes all the difference.

Meet Our Partners

Matt Chepeleff

Partner, Products

Jason Sgro

Partner, Strategy

Thomas Herer


Our Client Success Team

Alyssa Rosenzweig

Head of Client Success

Jenna Shue

Client Success Manager

Chris Lane

Client Success Manager