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Startups to Global 10k,
our philosophy is experience.

Technology moves the ground beneath our feet, companies need a sound digital strategy more than ever before. ATOM uses a deep understanding of each client and their goals to guide them on their journey to innovate, compete in their industry, and delight their customers—whether that is via a new website, rejuvenated customer experience, new market entrance, or innovative product development.

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You've been our greatest teacher.

We will listen to and work with you to understand your business, customers, users, and industry to uncover compelling findings that shape outcomes.

Define your goals.

Using the insights gained throughout Discovery, we identify the solution(s) for your unique needs and develop a roadmap and goals for achieving them. 

We are a technology- and solution-agnostic organization—that means that we listen first and then design. We want to understand your unique business circumstances and use technology purposefully to meet your needs.

Design your future.

Creativity means everything to us, in more ways than one. Our strategists, designers and developers all play a part to ensure that design is more than just “making it pretty.”

60 Years of Experience

Tom Herer
Tom Herer
Partner + Founder
Matt Chepeleff - Products
Matt Chepeleff
Partner + Products
Jason Sgro - Strategy
Jason Sgro
Partner + Strategy